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Emirates Hydroponics Farms

Emirates Hydroponics Farms is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The hydroponics farm originally opened in 2005 under the trading name City Farm L.L.C and in October of 2008 the farm site was renamed to EMIRATES HYDROPONICS FARMS for Vegetables. Emirates Hydroponics Farms continues to promote high quality produce that can be grown within the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) whilst utilizing the modern water saving techniques of European technologies and management.

Growing fruits and vegetables is rapidly increasing its professional level all over the world and becoming highly specialized in today's economy. With quality crop management it's possible to increase both production and quality. Emirates Hydroponics Farms vision is to continue to lead the U.A.E & the G.C.C into modern farming techniques, with clean and ethical farming practices to produce fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables that is classed as amongst the best available anywhere within the world. We all love vine-ripened hothouse tomatoes, pest-free lettuce and cucumbers, and a myriad of vegetables grown commercially in greenhouses.

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