FREE Delivery Service

Free Home / Office Delivery

Emirates Hydroponics Farms has introduced their personal FREE Home / Office delivery service throughout many parts of Abu Dhabi. You can now order all of Emirates Hydroponics Farms fresh grown produce as well as other high quality imported fruits and vegetables from around the world. This FREE service will benefit you in so many ways such as:

  • Convenience : Saving you time.
  • Free Delivery: Your box of fruits and vegetables will be delivered to your Home or Office.
  • Cleaner and Safer: Produce are cleaner and safer. This is because you are buying directly from the grower, meaning there are fewer people handling and bruising your fruits and vegetables.
  • Healthy Living Plant: When you receive lettuces and herbs, the roots are still attached to them, so you are actually receiving a living plant, providing you a longer shelf life.
  • Worry Free Shopping: You no longer need to worry about your vegetables such as lettuces & tomatoes being damaged amongst heavier shopping bags or left in the car for long periods.
  • Freshest Vegetables Guarantee : Emirates Hydroponics Farms vegetables are harvest only the night before delivery then stored in our controlled cooling room waiting for delivery.
  • Modern air conditioned vehicles : Emirates Hydroponics Farms has in a fleet of modern vehicles that are air conditioned so that all your produce is delivered to you fresh and in excellent condition.

You may notice at times that the lettuces and herbs may vary in size throughout the year. This is a natural occurrence as with variations in weather conditions this will have an effect on the growing cycle of the plants. Emirates Hydroponics Farms produce will always be of high quality, 100% fresh and represent excellent value for money.

Placing your orders

It is very simple. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE tab at the top of this page.

To save you even more time, you may wish to have your orders on a regular delivery as many clients have chosen. Either Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or on request as you require. Any time you wish to make changes to your order simple e-mail to inform us of your changes.

Delivery Days

Our delivery days are Saturdays through to Thursdays. Orders are to be received by 5pm. Orders received on the following days will be delivered as follows:

Orders Received On Delivery Days
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Saturday
Thursday Sunday
Fridays Sunday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Tuesday

Delivery Method and Charges

All orders are packed into environmentally friendly cardboard boxes which we kindly ask that you return them back to Emirates Hydroponics Farms when placing your next order. Delivery is on a cash payment on receiving your produce.

“we are the fresh food growers, bringing quality and service to you & your family”