E.H.F Clienteles

Emirates Hydroponics Farms has a broad range of clienteles ranging from Wholesalers both in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets, as well as having exported their produce to overseas clients. You will see many of their produce in the major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets chains, Star hotels and now you also have the opportunity to experience their FREE Home/Office delivery service within Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Hydroponics Farms produce is available at the following locations:

Lulu Hypermarkets.
Abu Dhabi - Khalidiya Mall - Al Wahda Mall - Al Raha Mall & Mussafah Mall.
Abela Superstore.
The Deli at the Shangri-la Hotel
Abu Dhabi - Khalidiya next to Paris Gallery.
Abu Dhabi Co-op.
Al Buteen Branch-Abu Dhabi Mall.
Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi.
Geant Hypermarket.

Schools, Families, & Groups are invited to visit Emirates Hydroponics Farms

Emirates Hydroponics Farms offers to both National and International schools their free invitation to take this excellent learning opportunity to visit the farm facilities through an educational and interesting field day trip. Following are just some of the schools that have already participated.

The German School.

The Japanese School.

The Cambridge School.

Al Nusaffah Girls School.

Khadeeja Al Kubra Girls School.

The British School Al Khubairat.

The American Community School.

The American International School.

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls.

Abu Dhabi Rehab & Care for Special Needs People.

It is highly recommended for schools to take this unique opportunity to bring along their students to see, the first of it's kind hydroponics system within the Middle East and it's just outside of Abu Dhabi, 30 minutes by road transport.

All students and teachers enjoyed their visit and having gained a better understanding towards hydroponics growing techniques.

Depending on the size of the group it will take approximately 1 - 2 hours for the visit.

For schools families as well as groups interested in arranging a field day visit to Emirates Hydroponics farms please contact to arrange a suitable time.

“we are the fresh food growers, bringing quality and service to you & your family”